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Dawn Climber, Mt. Hood


Learn about the history of modern outdoor gear, 1945- the present, over 40 pioneers of camping/climbing gear covered; eg. Holubar, GERRY, Frostline, North Face, MSR. Please note that the Mazamas library has copies of most of my History of Gear books in its permanent collection. (click)

"Why I don't have any good shots of that climb"

In the driving mist, I reached the summit, too tired and too numbed to wrestle the camera from my pack......

The dawn provided some wonderful photo oportunities, but by summit time everything was socked in and we got nothing above 8,000ft, or on the trip back down, where we almost missed Timberline Lodge itself in near-whiteout conditions.

I dropped my camera over the north side of the mountain. No pictures from that climb!

1896 The newly-formed Mazamas first climb


Mt Washington, 7,794 Ft, North Ridge route, November

(The 46,116 acre Mt. Washington Wilderness was established Feb. 2, 1957)

See Summit Register of Mt. Washington and learn where old summit boxes are stored

My ten books about the history of gear and mountain adventures with quick links to oder

Click for Glissading, "The Joy of Descending"

Read about famed climber Don Jensen, in David Robert's "Mountain of My Fear"

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OregonPhotos has exciting images from all the major peaks.

Mt Hood, Mt. Jefferson, Three-Fingered Jack, Mt Washington, Three Sisters, Broken Top, Diamond Peak, Mt. Thielson, Mt. McLoughlin. Mt. Shasta, St. Helens, Mt. Adams. Mt Baker.

Also, have scattered other of Oregon's highest peaks east of the Cascades, ie. Eagle Cap.

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Learn about the extent of SunBurn danger in Oregon's higher areas.



The Northwest's most legendary climber, Fred Beckey, deceased 2017

Enjoy a peaceful snow-camping picture and learn about famous polar explorer Wil Stegner

Summit Registers--- A Grand Mountaineering Tradition

Visit a Mazama's favorite Mt. Hood place, Cloud Cap Inn on the north side of Mt. Hood

The History of Modern Backpacking/Camping Gear, 1935 to The Present (45+ pages and five books published)

Visit Special section on Oregon's own Gear Pioneers

The Standard Climber's Route up Middle Sister, 10,047 ft near Bend

Mt. Everest 1924 and George Mallory; also Kurt Diemberger and K2

The American 1963 Expedition to Mt. Everest- The West Ridge Triumph

Link to my pages about Oregon's segment of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)

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