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We're about 50 air miles east of the Cascade Crest in the image below. It's an arid country that boasts 300 days of sunshine a year in its tourist brochures. Whether that is true or not we'll leave to the climatologists. What is certain is the scarcity of rainfall, about 8-12 inches per year, with generally low humidity. Even when it is stormy and cloudy in this region, it is not the blank endless gray characteristic of the long sunless periods in Western Oregon. Misplaced desert rats stuck with jobs and family in Western Oregon will want to buy some land in this region and just go dry out their spirits now and then. The image below is titled "Desert Canyon Evening," and is for sale, see bottom of page.

beautiful but also ideal habitat for
rattlesnakes, so use your usual snake safety skills if in these canyons during snake

Glistening in the evening light is the South Fork of the Crooked River. The foreground is highlighted by Rabbitbrush, Sage (Artemisia tridentata), Juniper, bunchgrass, and many flowers. It's Spring in Oregon's High Desert Country near Prineville Reservoir... Image copyright Bruce B. Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


Evans Well Hay Fantasy ,,,,,,,,(click to view several images of one of Oregon's desert ghost towns)

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