Many owners of older SAABs prize them for their Scandanavian heritage, eg. superb performance in the snow, with raging heaters, superb defrosters, and the little details that snow country cars need, like the slick, hidden factory install holes for installing a standard Thule roof or ski rack! Owner of this 1991 Saab 9000 says, "Just so solid on bad roads, steering is very precise without being twitchy, ABS brakes add to the package, goes almost like your average SUV."


Scott Nelson at gosaab is an exacting person who loves both the vehicles and their owners.

"Scott is there for you. Hs 800 number really helps when you're far away and something happens. He's a great phone consulter and problem-solver. He listens, he'll work with you, and work around your work hours and other concerns. He's got a big network for used Saab parts. HIs custom paint work is the greatest. You ought to see the glorious irridescent paint job he recently put onto his big BMW road bike!"

Bruce Johnson, Canby, Oregon

"Scott Nelson keeps my "basic transportation" 87 Saab 9000S running well at low cost, which is hard to find because most Saab places don't seem to understand that not all Saab owners want to put big dollars into their Saabs, but simply prize them because they are so solidly built and durable."

Patricia Gribble, Mollala, Oregon


Rod Beckner has so many long-term customers that he can be a bit hard to get into if you are a new customer. He's steady and very sensible and knows those older SAABs like you would not believe! He solves many seemingly esoteric issues with a simple bit of hard-earned knowledge, swiftly applied, and very fairly billed.

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