The Journey

The airline flight to Hawaii can be a mystic journey all by itself

Getting there, no one talks much about it,

That 8 hour Journey through the cold air,

We were all passengers, sardines, enduring.

But it could have been an act of Surrender thru the Transcendent Air

So high above the Earth.

So close to the sun and moon, Icarus.

The Crew, they discourage you from looking out,

So you gaze forbidden.

Journey's End.

Then there appears a Land floating in the midst of all those hours of empty pure waters.


Aloha and Mahalo

I wonder, thinking ahead in time one generation, imagining my youngest son now a father with a five year old, flying to Hawaii for the first time-- a mere one hour journey on the hypersonic X-33. What will his experience be like, gliding in from the edges of outer space to the Honolulu International Airport? What will be the spiritual dimension of his journey?


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