The Rose Festival Airshow, now the Oregon International Airshow, and now back at its traditional setting at the Hillsboro Airport

The Air Force Thunderbirds put on a mighty display in 2002 Airshow at Hillsboro Airport Oregon's largest and best-known annual airshow event is attended by many thousands each year at the Hillsboro Airport west of Portland.

News Note! Rumor had it that 2003's Show would be at a new home, the McMinneville Airport, near the intriquing Evergreen Air Museum (Spruce Goose, SR71 Blackbird, and Sophia high-altitude observatory)!--- this rumor was found to be false-- for more, see below:

In November 2002, the Rose Festival and Hillsboro terminated the business relationship that they'd had since the first Airshow in 1988.... But such a large and popular event was not to be denied, and it was re-instituted as "The Oregon International Airshow." As of late August 2010, the 23rd. annual airshow under this banner will be held in its traditional setting at the Hillsboro Airport. Please click here to visit their new website and read about the commitment to keep this exciting heritage event going into the indefinite future!

Click here to take at look at the type of helicopter which crashed on Mt. Hood in May of 2002 during a valiant rescue of climbers on the South Side route. (

Visit the Official website of the Portland Rose Festival.

Teresa Stokes Showcat Wingwalking on biplane


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